Fiberglass production

Fiberglass production

1. Design

The manufacture of GRP products begins with design. We have our own design department, which is staffed by design professionals. We are ready to fulfil all your wishes.

2.Making a master model on a CNC machine

Once we have the finished design and drawings, we produce the master model on a CNC machine.

3. manufacture of tooling (dies)

At this stage a die is produced for later use as a mould.

4. manufacture of GRP products

The final stage is the production of composite products. Using glass fibres, special additives and moulds from the previous step, we have a finished product. We can colour the product by painting it in the chamber or, using our advanced technology, we can add a special gel selected from the RAL catalogue directly during the production of the product. Using this technology, GRP products are more resistant to atmospheric precipitation and fading from sunlight.

To order and purchase GRP products, please contact our sales department:

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