The FOXBUS buses are provided with the engines produced by IVECO company. The range of FOXBUS engines includes diesel engines as well as gas engines: diesel engines with 3l volume (Euro 5 - 170 HP, Euro 6 - 160, 180 and 210 HP), gas engines with 3l volume (Euro 6 - 136 HP).

Our buses are constructed either with mechanical gearbox, or with automatic gearbox IVECO HI-MATIC, the first 8-speed automatic gearbox in its class.

FOXBUS TOURIST can be assembled according to several layout schemes. The maximal number of passenger seats is 32.

The FOXBUS interior uses strong composite plastic and premium trim materials.

The body is made of composite fiberglass and has a colored plastic layer that is resistant to reagents and chipping.

Key indicators

Key indicators

3.9 м<sup>3<sup>

3.9 м3

Maximum volume of luggage compartments



Maximum power (hp/kW) Fuel consumption on the highway is 13.5 l/100 km



Maximum passenger capacity




FOXBUS looks respectable in the city and confidently maneuvers off-road. The modern design of the FOXBUS body effectively combines with excellently proven IVECO chassis on Russian roads.



The interior of FOXBUS buses is characterized by high comfort of passenger seats, which is ensured by comfortable seats made of premium materials, service units for each passenger and effective climate control system.



Foxbus has a rear luggage compartment of 2.1 cubic meters. (there is an option for side luggage compartments, they will provide an additional 1.5 cubic meters). Foxbus has a spare wheel in a separate compartment for the spare wheel.

Special features

Special features

Rear mask

The rear mask is an element made up of several components. We have created a split bumper that is easy to replace.


On the left and right side is the fender, which is most often damaged in accidents. Each element is replaced separately.


Glasses are glued into the frame of the bus, not into the fiberglass or metal panels.


The side board is a separate element mounted in a special sealed groove. It can be replaced without removing the side windows.


IVECO front optics

3d tour

3d tour


  • Size / Capacity / Volume +-

    Outer length is 8,730 mm
    External width / width (with side mirrors) is 2,475 / 3,012 mm
    Distance between wheel axles is 4,750 mm
    External height (with air conditioning unit) is 3 150 mm
    Clearance is 171 mm
    Cabin capacity is up to 32 seats

  • Speed characteristics+-

    Maximum speed (with limiter) is 90 km/h

  • Fuel consumption+-

    City – 17.5 l/100 km
    Countryside – 13.5 l/100 km
    Mixed – 15.5 l/100 km
    Diesel, compressed methane – Euro-5, Euro-6
    Tank capacity is 100 litres

  • Engines+-

    Model – IVECO diesel engines
    Euro 5 is 170 hp, Euro 6 is 160 hp, 180 hp and 210 hp.
    IVECO methane engine
    Euro 6 is 136 hp.
    Diesel and methane engines have a displacement of 2,998 cm³
    Fuel system for diesel engines is Common Rail
    Timing belt drive – Chain (double row chain)
    Power – Max 136hp to 210hp, depending on engine model
    Torque – Max 350 N/m to 430 N/m depending on model

  • Basic vehicle equipment+-

    Manual 6-speed gearbox or automatic transmission
    Audio system (aerial)
    Tool kit: wheel chock (2 pcs.)
    On-board computer with standard functionality
    Suspension-adjustable driver’s seat with 3-point seat belt, 3-point seat belt
    Driver heating from the engine heating system
    Electrically adjustable, heated exterior mirrors with turn signal light
    Wheels: R16 stamped wheels (225/75 R16 tyres) 6 pcs. Rear axle double wishbone
    Spare wheel (Tyre 225/75 R16) 1 piece.
    Generator 180A (12V)
    “Pneumatic rear suspension”
    Fuel tank 100 l
    Exhaust pipe on the left-hand side at the rear wheel
    Heated driver’s seat (not on ECONOM chassis)
    Cruise control (standard)
    Front fog lights (standard)
    Climate control for driver (standard) – (not available on ECONOM chassis)

  • Basic bus configuration+-

    Tourist Class passenger seats with high backrest, fabric, backrest tilt adjustment (26 seats), folding armrests along the aisle (13 seats)
    16 kW air-conditioning unit with air duct combined with luggage racks (manufactured by Innovative Technology) with deflectors
    Catwalk under the seats (height 100 mm)
    Flooring Transport linoleum
    Luggage compartment at the rear of the body, 2.1 m³ with lighting (Transport linoleum and GRP panels)
    Separate spare wheel compartment with removable cover, mechanism for removing / fitting the spare wheel
    Panoramic body glazing
    Standard thermal / hydro / noise insulation of the passenger compartment (headlining, roof)
    Emergency ventilation glass hatch (2 pieces)
    Interior trim in decorative fabric to match the seats (walls, ceiling)
    Finishing of window openings with composite vandal resistant material
    Front automatic sliding door of the slider type (electrically operated)
    Swinging rear door (emergency / emergency exit) with opening lock
    Autonomous liquid heater 14 kW (3 functions: engine preheater, after-run heater, passenger compartment heater)
    Heating the passenger compartment with convectors – 2 pcs.
    LED ceiling strip lights (day/night light) – 6 pcs.
    LED ceiling strip lights (day/night light) – 6 pcs.
    Front step lighting – LED spotlights – 2 pcs.
    Sunblind for the driver
    Front lights – IVECO
    Front running lights – IVECO
    Modular LED rear optics
    Contour lights on the perimeter of the body – upper 4 pieces, lower 6 pieces.
    “Audible warning buzzer when reversing”
    Emergency hammer (5 pieces)
    Fire extinguisher mounting bracket – 2 pieces.
    Tachograph with SKZI unit + speed sensor + mounting kit
    ERA GLONASS emergency call system
    Standard colours: white RAL 9003, black RAL 9005, orange RAL 2008, blue RAL 5015, green RAL 6029

  • Layout diagrams+-



FOXBUS we create a style that is second to none

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