Bus production

Bus production

1. Design

As the first step, our design department, in collaboration with the sales department, designs the bus according to the customer’s requirements. All customer requirements are taken into account, from the interior layout to materials and multimedia systems.

2. Supply of chassis

Our partners, IVECO, supply chassis for the production. These are manufactured and assembled in a factory in Spain. We have chosen IVECO chassis for the production of our buses because of their reliability, maintainability and excellent performance characteristics.

3. Production of the power capsule

After designing the bus and delivering the chassis, we begin production of the power pod. This stage from start to finish takes place at the FOXBUS factory in Vorsma. Using high-quality rolled steel from proven suppliers, we, from simple metal products, create the technically complex, robust and rigid power structure that has made our customers so fond of FOXBUS.

4. Production of exterior and interior composite materials

A key feature of our buses is the exterior and interior made of our own composite materials. By using modern materials, we have increased the durability and maintainability of the bus body many times over. Body and interior parts are also always available for purchase for our customers.

5. Bus assembly

At this stage, we start the final assembly of the FOXBUS. The chassis, power frame, exterior and interior components are hand-assembled by our highly skilled technicians. Due to the hand-assembly of each bus and the quality control at all stages of production, we obtain the exclusive build quality and high performance of the FOXBUS.

6. Pre-sales preparation by an authorised IVECO dealer

Once the bus has been completed and the quality of the finished vehicle has been checked, we send it to an authorised IVECO dealer for additional inspection and vehicle preparation. This is necessary to maintain the chassis manufacturer’s warranty. Thanks to this step, all our buses can be serviced under warranty by an official IVECO dealer.

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